Thank you so much for attending the Woo Sports Summit ’23 Panel on Diverse Voices in Sports! Our panelists would like you to take resources home with you as you continue your career in sports journey. 


For continued connection, please reach out on LinkedIn:




Continuing Education:


  1. Boston College Master’s in Sports Administration: Half our faculty are women and minorities; 45% students are female and 25% are BIPOC.


  1. Management Leadership for Tomorrow Career Prep: For underrepresented undergraduate minorities interested in careers in traditional and non-traditional MBA career paths.


  1. If you’re interested in MBA Programs and seek financial assistance. The Consortium awards merit-based, full-tuition fellowships to top MBA candidates who have a proven record of promoting inclusion in school, in their jobs or in their personal lives.:


  1. College Professional Development Organizations
    1. Collegiate Sport Connect
    2. National Association of College Athletic Directors: NACADA:
    3. The McClendon Foundation:
    4. Minority Opportunities Athletic Association: MOAA:
    5. Women Leaders in College Sport:


  1. Sport Management Academic Resources
    1. North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM):
    2. COSMA:
    3. Sport Management World Wide:
    4. Front Office Sports Free Mini Courses:


Women in Leadership & Sports Support Initiatives:


  1. Women Leaders in College Sports is the premier leadership organization that develops, connects, and advances women working in college sports and beyond:
  2. Women in Sports and Events (WISE) is the leading voice and resource for women in the business of sports. Through a combination of programming and online tools designed to provoke thought, personal and professional growth, and engagement, WISE works to:



Minorities in Sports Programs:

  1. Sport Biz Camps - minority sports management high school & college program

  1. Sports Industry Professional Development Programs

Black Student-Athlete Summit:

Black Sports Business Symposium:

Continue to connect with the Celtics:

  1. Celtics Volunteer Portal:


  1. Current 50/50 Raffle volunteer opportunity at Celtics home games

  1. Current Celtics Open Positions

  1. More information about Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation


Continue to connect with ESPN/Disney:

  1. Check out the ESPN Entry Level Program:
  2. Disney Open Positions: 
  3. Disney Internships[%7B%22key%22:%22is_manager%22,%22value%22:%22Disney+Internships%22%7D

  1. Disney International Opportunities

  1. Disney Auditions: 


Continue to connect with BallerTV:

  1. Getting involved with BallerTV "Game Day" operations as a Site Lead:

Other Opportunities if interested in Diverse Sports Network:

  1. National Association of Black Journalist:
  2. National Association of Hispanic Journalist:
  3. Black Sports Business Symposium:


Storytelling interest:

  1. Sundance Producers Program 
  2. Film Independent:


High School Athletic Directors Resources:

  1. National High School Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA):
  2. National Federation of High Schools (NFHS):